jfarr Delivers Another Soothing Single, “Moody”

Olive Soki

Having gained a significant amount of experience through work on projects released by musical legends, (Paul McCartney, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Tyler, The Creator, etc.) it is only natural for jfarr’s music to serve as a testament to the knowledge he’s racked up over the last two years. Upon the release of his new single “Moody,” the 22-year-old artist rises to the occasion as he steps to the plate and sets free a vision of his own. Atmospheric and intuitive, “Moody” is an irresistibly relatable electro-r&b track well-suited for introspection and winding-down.

A kaleidoscope of sounds splattered atop gliding vocals and smooth production, “Moody” chronicles an emotional shift from within. Seemingly lustrous and soothing upon first listen, the lyrics sharpen overtime as he comes face to face with internal conflicts, which, in turn, affect external relationships. Despite the more temperamental lyrical aspect of the song, various instrumental elements transform it into a hazy dream-like experience. The colorful synths in the intro and grounding bass almost serve as anchors throughout the track, allowing you to sail through this shift and enjoy two and a half minutes of peace.

“Moody'' marks jfarr’s second release this year, a step away from the heart-fluttering single “In My Lane,” but an achievement nonetheless.

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