Bakar Releases Single “Build Me a Way” with Hints at Upcoming Album ‘Nobody’s Home’

Freddie Fine

The second single off of Bakar’s forthcoming album Nobody’s Home is here. “Build Me A Way” continues on the momentum built from “The Mission” which is one of my favorite songs to release this year. Nobody’s Home will be his first lengthy release since 2019’s Will You Be My Yellow? which was a massive success – “Hell N Back” has accumulated over 110 million Spotify streams – and that seemed to be just a teaser of what’s to come. His singles since have all exemplified his versatility, as the British singer brings a completely new style on every record – there are no words to encapsulate what he does.

“Build Me A Way” is a prime example of how Bakar’s sound has evolved since 2019. The melancholy aura is still present, yet he’s able to do so in a much more vibrant manner. He continues to explore his voice, while delivering some of my favorite raps from him. The staple of the beat is a perfect guitar riff for Bakar to sing over, and it only increases in complexity as the song goes on.

The song is an emotional, motivating call for help. He explores the feeling of being lost in life, seemingly after losing someone close to him. He is in need of direction, a path to follow, asking for someone to “Build me a way home.” He raps about the cycle he enters during this time, the reliance on old habits such as drugs and women, yet he is at a point in his career where he is much wealthier and has greater access to these. The outro sets this off perfectly, as just as the beat hits its loudest point, everything is stripped away, leaving just a piano leading into the guitar riff as Bakar sings the chorus one last time. Bakar is someone I’ve had on my radar for a while now, yet I have never been as excited as I am right now for any of his releases. Listen to “Build Me A Way” below:

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