Five Musical Collectives You Should Be Listening To

Olive Soki

Every now and then some 5-piece band from God knows where takes over the world, making their name known to everybody and their mother – think Beatles, One Direction, etc. But as the days go by, it has become eerily clear that not only do we live in a post-One Direction world, but we are about to enter a post-BROCKHAMPTON timeline. While it is tempting to claim that the world needs a new boy band, social media has made it so that there’s an overwhelming abundance of bands waiting to be chosen as your next favorite. To lighten the load and save you some time, here’s a list of 5 musical collectives you should consider checking out.

AG Club

Song recommendation: “Mr.Put it On” and “UGUDBRU”

I vaguely remember stumbling upon AG Club back in the summer of 2020. At the time the group had just released their first project, Halfway Off the Porch, and I couldn’t stop singing their praises. 

A product of the debris that surrounded the rap group scene, AG Club were often compared to their contemporaries towards the beginning of their career. However, by the time they released the first part to their second project, Fuck Your Expectations Pt.1, they had done just that, blowing all expectations out the water, while simultaneously building a style and identity of their own. From the comical interludes spread throughout the projects to the intimate yet playful tracks, Fuck Your Expectations Pt.1 proves their talent while also showcasing their authentic and avant-garde ways.


Song recommendation: “Day Dreamer” and “CM2” 

Having just crawled out of the depths of The Clash’s London Calling, stumbling upon Bilk almost felt like fate. Combining some of the best modern and legendary genres, the English trio has cracked the code to the perfect brit-punk, indie, and hip hop fusion. 

Mixing sharp commentary and amped guitars from punk and alternative rock genres with the lyricism and flow of hip-hop, Bilk makes for an eclectic musical experience. Offering their unfiltered take on life from the suburbs of Essex, with a side of gritty and occasionally lofty instrumentals, Bilk adds a youthful touch to the iconic sounds of the past, efficiently transposing them into the future. 

Laundry Day

Song recommendation: “Blüble” and “Messy Eyes”

Laundry Day is one of those bands that has accomplished and found considerable acclaim fairly early on in their career. Ever since they released their first projects, the boys have gained a consistent and loyal following. And by the time their last album, We Switched Bodies, came out, their ship to a creative appraisal had sailed with no real sign of returning to harbor. Unmistakably talented and in tune with their musical vision, Laundry Day are the perfect band to soundtrack your coming of age. From head-banging and concrete-stomping tracks like “Little Bird” to sweet ballads with lighter-worthy endings like “We Switched Bodies,” their discography is the perfect place to find songs to accompany you on your best days.

Omni !

Song recommendation: “DRAMA” and “TONY”

One of the best things that came from the BROCKHAMPTON creative collective era were the innovative bands that were inspired by their success stories, and carried on the torch. Enter Omni !, a collective from “somewhere in Georgia” that could very well carry the torch to the end. 

Their first and only project to date, titled Dopeboys, speaks for itself in terms of what they bring to the table. Endowed with memorable beats, melodic undertones, and quick-witted as well as paced verses, Dopeboys is a cohesive project worth a listen and possible devotion.

Quarters of Change

Song recommendation: “Finish Lefty” and “Asphalt”

Last but certainly not least, we have Quarters of Change. The band, composed of four members, originally joined forces back in their high school days, circa 2017, to form a cover band. Fast forward a few years, an extra bandmate, and two EP’s later, the band is gearing up to be an alternative rock force to be reckoned with. Meandering between distorted guitars and hearty bass lines, they always seem to find a healthy balance between the different panels that make up the alternative rock umbrella. With their debut album underway, this is the perfect time to revisit their previous projects and tune in for their upcoming singles.

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