Foster Drops “digital gf” and Debut EP, ‘less than three’ [EP Review]

Nate Rummel

Do you ever get that Screen Time notification at the end of the week and wonder “what am I doing with my life?”. I’d be legitimately embarrassed if anyone saw the hours I put up, and I know you feel the same. It’s a problem most people deal with but few know the answer to. It’s also the topic Foster dives into in his latest release “digital gf”.

25-year-old Foster drops “digital gf” as the focus track for his debut EP, less than three. The project shows a whole new side to the Nashville-based artist, as he leans away from traditional hip hop into a more pop-rap sound. It features “digital gf”, his previous single, “wish you were here”, and four never-before-heard tracks.

less than three delivers both pop hits and heartbreakers and touches on a variety of subjects in Foster’s life, with relationships and mental health being the most prominent. Foster has been open about his struggles with Depersonalization/ Derealization Disorder (DPRD) in previous conversations with Sheesh, as well as an interview with DPRD charity, Unreal. In the EP’s outro, “here we go again”, he alludes to the condition as being a cycle that’s impossible to escape. Songs like these show Foster’s versatility and willingness to step away from the relationship-focused tracks that originally brought him into the spotlight.

“digital gf” works on two levels. It’s a bop you can listen to casually, and it’s one you can listen to when you’re alone, thinking about life choices and all that. Sonically, it’s easy to listen to, and lyrically, it’s easy to relate to. He shows off his songwriting abilities with a catchy hook and cleverly leading back into the chorus at the end of verses, but what really stuck with me was the concept.

The idea that our addiction to technology is just an unhealthy relationship makes it much easier to understand. Screens are one of the first and last things we see each day, but our relationship with them is toxic. We give a lot, but get nothing in return. If you were in a romantic relationship like that, you’d get out ASAP, so try that with your phone sometime.

Foster has already created an uber-engaged fan base and seems to build more momentum with each release. Check out his new EP, less than three, below and you’ll have no choice but to fall in love with his music.

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