Berlue Takes Flight With New Single, “happier?”

Olive Soki

Since the beginning of the year, Nashville indie singer Berlue has been releasing singles in steady increments.x Song after song, a bigger picture is extracted from the singer's mind and slowly revealed to his attentive listeners. First there was “trying to tell you,” then the soft and emotive, “excuses,” and “going nowhere.” Unveiling more complex but relatable feelings, while delivering a stellar performance, he finally shares the newest addition to his ongoing tracklist, “happier?”

A combination of the musical elements found in “trying to tell you” and the vulnerable instances of reflection presented  in “excuses,” this new single is both liberating and terribly accurate. Starting on a high and energetic note, decorated with heavenly vocals, Berlue presents feelings rooted in uncertainty and anxiety. Feeling stuck and rootless, Berlue speaks of his search for happiness. Determined but also bewildered as to where to start he sings, “Wish that I was certain of who I want to be, but every time I try to I just start spiraling.” This train of thought starts an endless and slightly nihilistic cycle that pushes him further away from his desired destination. While the lyrics are rooted in uncertainty, sonically, the track feels anything but lost. Steady drums, bright guitars, and his soaring vocals give off the sensation that you are on a beautiful and victorious path, to happiness, free from all doubts and weariness.

Sure to strike a chord with any overthinkers out there, “happier?” is the perfect track to reassure you of the collective reality of those feelings, and give you the words to vocalize your worries.

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