vivi rincon Shares Her Ode to All Consuming Love, “Can’t Breathe”

Olive Soki

Back in June, vivi rincon released her beautiful debut single "if we lived on the moon.” Deeply intimate and heart warming, the single garnered a great deal of attention from her growing fanbase and the media. Continuing a vulnerable pattern, this time tapping into feelings of love and desperation, she shares her brand new single, “can’t breathe.”

While “if we lived on the moon” saw a more delicate side of the Texan singer, rincon opted for a more emotive and dynamic combination on this track. Showing off her vivid and vulnerable songwriting, she explores rather tamed and endearing scenarios in the opening verse. Scenes oozing with domesticity, and slow living, best enjoyed when in love, she perfectly sets the scene for her listeners. Sprinkling through some instances of uncertainty, as the song moves along, her vocals really shine through in the choruses. Each one acting as a building block for the next, she proclaims her feverish desire to find a mutual commitment while holding on for dear life through a passionate storm. A slow, but satisfying, burn, “can’t breathe” illustrates heartsick desires to an unfathomable perfection.

Only her second single to date, vivi rincon is already on a steady and consistent path. Delivering a strong and impactful vocal performance, as well as impressive storytelling, I can only imagine what she has stored for us in the future.

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