Frank Sativa and Jonah Roy Combine on Fun Loving Video for “ASK ME”

Freddie Fine

Over the weekend, Frank Sativa semi-surprisingly released his EP EHFAR — I say semi because if you use Apple Music, you got it a whole day before any other DSP. Alongside the prior released “CHANGE,” the project had 5 new tracks, including a collaboration with Jonah Roy on “ASK ME.”

Marking the first collaboration between two of my favorite rising artists, Frank and Jonah sound like they were destined to work together. The track kicks off with an engrossing hook from Frank over a groovy beat, noted by high-pitched vocals by Jonah, before Frank sets off into a smooth-delivered story on the first verse as he prepares to take someone on a date. Jonah comes in for a much more detailed second verse as things become a bit more intimate, while a series of exhaling ad libs can be heard across the verse.

The accompanying visuals by Cultvision might just be my favorite one from the emerging production company so far. The video follows Frank and Jonah across a night out, taking them through a party, arcade, roller rink, and much more. Fun on-screen animations can be seen throughout, adding a unique layer to their various events. Speaking about the shoot, Jonah told me that Frank flew him and Cultvision out to his hometown in Kansas to film the video (which explains how they were able to get an empty roller rink).

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