The Coldest Puts His Skills on Display With His Sophomore Album, 'I Grew Wings' [Album Review]

Olive Soki

Montgomery, Alabama rapper, The Coldest, is ready to take his career to the next level. When his path to college basketball ended prematurely, he put his work ethic and passion to use in his music, and made it his career. Over the last two years, he’s released strings of singles and a debut album, titled L1fe and an EP, Bang 2. Now, back with a whole new set of tracks filled with sharp lyricism and ambitious energy, The Coldest came back better than ever with his sophomore album, I Grew Wings.

Re-introducing himself with the opening track, in true hip hop manifestation fashion, he makes a point to articulate his goals. Proud of his achievements, confident in his abilities, and grateful for how far he’s come, “Re-introduction” serves as a manifesto to this new chapter in his life. The  single and second track “Rich by the Weekend” follows a similar trajectory, this time laced with a triumphant spirit. Playful ad libs and memorable lyrics fortify the track's pompous nature, making for a great anthem for the masses.

The album is graced with a balanced range of higher and lower energy tracks. This combination smoothens the experience, drawing the listener's attention to The Coldest’s lyrical skills and excellent collaborations with various featured artists. “Broken Promises/Static,” which features Isaiah Farmer, is a perfect example. A mix of Coldest’s storytelling and Isaiah’s luring vocals, “Broken Promises/Static'' combines both of their stronger suits, creating an irresistible and invincible track. And while the whole album makes for a great listen, The Coldest shines the brightest half way through the album with the deep-cut “Heir to The Throne.” Stuck between 90s and modern rap styles, “Heir to The Throne” is a masterclass in exquisite and swift flow variations.

An obvious step up in his craft; I Grew Wings is a testament to The Coldest's determination and gripping storytelling.

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