Susannah Joffe Shares Heartfelt Ode to Friendships and Coming of Age on “In Your Room”

Olive Soki

When I think of the best sayings about female friendships, my mind immediately goes to Eve Babitz’ essay “Sirocco” from her novel Slow Days, Fast Company. While explaining her chosen alternative to finding the one, she mentions how grateful she is for her girlfriends who always “fascinated” her by their “wit, bravery and resourcefulness.” Those few words, and the sentiment behind each one of them, feel especially resonant in bouts of gratitude. And by the sound of Susannah Joffe's new single, the feelings are mutual.

“In Your Room” is an ode to Joffe’s childhood friends. Beginning with a soft and nostalgic intro, the track starts out the same way any fantastical fairy tale would. But slowly picking up speed, we find ourselves in a coming of age, road trip-worthy single. The verses are fairly stripped down, highlighting her resonant songwriting, while the choruses unleash feelings of bittersweet liberation. As she reminisces on her childhood in the pre-chorus, she feels as though pieces of herself will always be frozen in time, despite its passing (“it’s funny when I look down, I’m taller. But I still sit in your room, and cry”). Wistful and enticing “In Your Room” evokes feelings we can all relate to on our best days.

Marking the beginning of a new era, “In Your Room” is Susannah’s first post-debut EP release since The Punch. And with upcoming tour dates supporting Southern Californian band, Sun Room, and this new single, I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one.

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