Freddie's Finds, Volume 33: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 33rd volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes Madhouse, AG Club x Na-Kel Smith, gabby start, and aldrch.

“WDIK?” by Madhouse

After a wildly impressive string of singles to kick off the year, Madhouse finally released his debut album I’LL BE HERE TOMORROW this week, and it did not disappoint at all. A unique collection of genre-bending and redefining tracks, Madhouse’s journey to discovering who he is and what he wants to create has materialized into something incredible. Speaking on the significance of the project, he said, “My album I’LL BE HERE TOMORROW is about survival. It's an ode to the journey of finding your way and making it through. Releasing this album is me putting the shovel in the ground and declaring that I'll be the last one standing.”

This journey is kicked off with my personal favorite track, an immersive step into the world created on the album. Next-level production from a star studded cast of Teddy Walton, Nico Tripodi, CVRE, rare, Ankur Sinha, Aaron Bow, and Madhouse himself brings forth an exciting, tension building soundscape, while captivating layered vocals on the hook make it almost impossible to stop listening. As one could guess by the track title, Madhouse grapples with knowing what is best for him as he becomes enthralled by someone, before concluding by singing, “Oh let me be, oh let me be, oh let me be.” The wait was well worth it for Madhouse’s debut — you will not want to miss out on it.

“Bodega Bandit” by AG Club featuring Na-Kel Smith

Words can’t describe how excited I was for AG Club’s album, Impostor Syndrome — so much so I nearly didn’t listen to any other new music this week. I first fell in love with the do-it-all epitomizing group when they released the two-part Fuck Your Expectations albums last year, and have not looked back since, as they have risen to my third most listened to artist of all time (2,407 scrobbles at the time of writing). Bringing a youthful energy and fun loving yet polished immaturity to each track, there is something so captivating about everything they create, perfectly encapsulated by my favorite track off the album, “Bodega Bandit” featuring Na-Kel Smith.

If “Bodega bandit at the corner of the street / Be cautious how you talking to me,” was not already ringing throughout your head, then clearly you have not listened before. Jody Fontaine and Baby Boy bring out every ounce of energy on the track, while Isaac Rose and Saint Patrick match this perfectly with intensity building, booming bass led production. A bucket list feature, Na-Kel delivers an electric verse from the moment he bursts onto the track with a resounding “Skrrrrrrt.” Impostor Syndrome is yet another chapter in the greatness of AG - this should be at the top of the rotation for many months to come.

“welcome to the plant cell bath” by gabby start

The anomaly of gabby start has been one of my favorite finds of the year. I fell in love with luca back in February, one of the first places I fell in love with hyperpop, becoming my favorite EP of the year so far. gabby’s brings such distinct flair on every track in the best way possible, and their newest single “welcome to the plant cell bath” is no different. The entirely self produced track brings out the rock influenced hyperpop production that I so often put on repeat, paired with science infused lyrics from gabby, singing, “My old swiss army knife / Stem cells, nothing is direct / Everything is love, everything is love / Take the leap, welcome to the plant cell bath.” The track goes on to explore a volatile relationship, fluttering between waning in intensity and blossoming in affection. I can only hope this is the start of something more to come from gabby start before the end of the year.

“prone2leave” by aldrch and Voda Fuji

The aldrch and Voda Fuji duo is a gift that just keeps on giving. Following their release of “gluttony” back in March, they came back this week to deliver another incredible track, “prone2leave.” Voda Fuji takes the lead on most of the track, opening up by singing, “I’ve been doing lot of thinking lately / Thanks to you, I’ve been doin lot of drinkin lately too.” aldrch’s delivers one of my favorite produced songs production brings a unique guitar riff, pairing perfectly with signature drums, before coming in to deliver a rare yet more than warmly welcomed second verse. aldrch is already gearing up for his second release since signing to Epitaph, asking people to guess who the next song is with, so expect more to come from him very soon.

You can listen to all my previous finds in the playlist below:

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