Freddie’s Finds, Volume 41: Best New Music of the Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the first Freddie’s Finds of 2023, and the 41st volume so far. Each week I spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes RYL0, James Ivy, Isaac Zale x Maadrinho, and poptropicaslutz!.

“Thru My Chest” by RYL0

RYL0 has been a name that I saw popping up all throughout 2022, following along as she built her own alt-pop and electronic infused world, highlighted by the release of her remix project I’m Everything!! and EP I’m The Worst!!. She wasted no time kicking off her new year, sharing “Thru My Chest” this past week. Production from David Burris creates a constantly moving soundscape, allowing RYL0 to flow in and out of the glitchy, hyperpop leaning beat. RYL0 explores an estranged relationship on the track, grappling with the ebbs and flows of the circumstances she finds herself in. If there’s one thing we learned from RYl0 last year, it is to expect a lot of music — keep an eye out for the rising artist.

“Under Tongues” by James Ivy

When I first heard the latest release from James Ivy, I knew it was something special. While he only released one single last year, “Under Tongues” arriving right at the beginning of 2023 is an incredible sign for so many reasons. Kicking off the entirely self produced track with a sultry guitar line, Ivy’s soft vocals open up the first verse by singing, “I was numb in the face / This night is way too long / Gave you a good taste / But you wanted more and more / From me, from me.” A perfectly explosive hook sees him reach out, yearning for a healthier relationship, repeating, “I want something more than this.” Undoubtedly being my favorite release in the young year, here is to hoping for more James Ivy music to come.

“Annabelle” by Isaac Zale and Maadrhino

Isaac Zale is an artist featured a couple times in this segment following a 2022 that saw him share his sophomore album, Father of the Zodiac, featuring the likes of Mick Jenkins, UnoTheActivist, and Chris Patrick. Continuing to make key collaborations, he recruited Maadrhino for his latest track, “Annabelle.” Isaac begins with a storytelling first verse about a night with someone fittingly named Annabelle, while displaying his versatility on a R&B infused change of pace hook. Maadrhino brings a bass riddled, guitar riff led instrumental, creating an exciting pair to Zale’s voice. While it is unclear if Zale is building up to anything just yet, look out for what he has got coming.

“Sierra Echo X-Ray” by poptropicaslutz!

The last couple months has reignited the poptropicaslutz! fan in me, with one of my most listened to albums every week consistently being the deluxe version of just in case the world ends. Since wrapping up that rollout they have been on a tear, sharing three interconnected singles, adding to the already released “bittersweet teeth” and “catastrophe” with Magnolia Park this week with “Sierra Echo X-Ray.” Featuring buzzing production from Chris Lyon and one of the cleanest Spotify canvases I’ve ever seen, Nick takes the lead for much of the track, affectionately singing on the hook, “Would you come over to my place / I have charcuterie and Monopoly / It could be a date.” The duo's verses bring out a youthful energy when it comes to relationships, each sharing their experiences, before repeating “La la las” from Christian close out the track. Expect something bigger to come from poptropicaslutz! on the way, and hopefully soon.

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