Freddie’s Finds, Volume 7: Best New Music of the Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the seventh volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I will spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes UMI, Rue, Aaron Taos, and Terry Presume. 

“sorry” by UMI

UMI radiates positivity. It’s plastered on her socials, where you will often find her sharing short poems, inspirational messages, and ever important reminders. Her new single, “sorry,” embodies all of this. It’s the first under the new era of Forest In The City releasing later this May and is something that everyone must listen to. 

Speaking on the track, UMI said in an Instagram caption, “this song is so special to me. i wrote it about 4 years ago, as a reminder to be forgive myself often. i’ve learned self forgiveness is the first step out of the dark thoughts. the spirals. to be kind to oneself is to end the inner war. and when there is peace within, there is peace all around you 🌱.” The track takes you down these dark thoughts, culminating in a promise to “start loving [herself] enough.” It’s something that everyone should always reiterate to themselves, as self love is the most important kind of love. UMI’s voice is heart piercing, evoking so much emotion in itself. I have zero doubts labeling this my song of the year so far. 

“Movie Star” by Rue featuring TheBabeGabe

I know, I know, I’m cheating a little since this came out last week, but I have to talk about Rue’s debut EP We’re Having So Much Fun. It has rapidly been climbing the rankings of my favorite debut projects ever as I have just fallen in love with Rue’s voice. Their dreamy, delicate voice highlights the sensational bedroom pop vibe - fitting given the title. 

While my favorite of the five remains to be the lead single “Living Is Easy,” which I highlighted in Freddie’s Finds two weeks ago, “Movie Star” featuring TheBabeGabe is just so fun. It channels a refined take on BLACKSTARKIDS’ unique sound, as co-production from the group’s members TheBabeGabe and TyFaizon alongside Medici and Rue create such a sweet track. Rue captures the highs of a fruitful relationship, detailing how this joy spreads throughout her life while showcasing some angelic vocals on the first verse. I cannot stress how much you will be missing out if you don’t listen to this project.

“Vertigo” by Aaron Taos featuring Worry Club

The third of Aaron Taos’s collection of singles is most certainly his best yet, tapping Worry Club for what is undoubtedly the track of the Spring. It’s a terrific indie pop track, each artist applying their style to what is a sultry instrumental. Taos delivers a passionate chorus, showcasing his vocal talent, before breaking into a verse that details him falling into a relationship that takes a turn for the worst. Worry Club adds his own flair, bringing his signature style to this exceptional track over a mellower version of the beat. He explores the higher moments of the relationship, describing a cute scene between the two lovers as he sings, “Something bout falling on the ground / Makes you look cute from upside down.” Taos is almost certainly building towards something bigger with these releases, and it’s most definitely going to be exciting. 

“Don’t Like U” by Terry Presume

The man, the myth, the legend, Terry Presume is back after his wildly successful and perfectly named EP What Box?. You truly can presume nothing about him, and although his new single “Don’t Like U” is not his most experimental track, it shows incredible refinement.

Terry’s voice just flows like butter over the wavy beat, perfectly intertwining melodic deliveries with rapping. The first verse is just a release of dopamine - I will literally just put the first 54 seconds on loop. A sweet pre chorus quickly gives way to an ode to Chief Keef as Terry sings, “On my Chief Keef I don’t like you.” Throughout the track, he explores how a past relationship held him down, finally breaking them off from his life. Words cannot describe how excited I am for whatever Terry Presume brings on his next project.


Welcome to the third installment of Freddie’s Finds trivia! There are three questions, each hinting at separate tracks and increasing in complexion. This week’s trivia is about Terry Presume – if you get the answers, tag me or Sheesh on Twitter, or send your answers in our Discord

  1. Where was Terry Presume born?
  2. Which of Terry’s songs was featured on the Fifa 22 soundtrack?
  3. What song contains the lines, “Sorry mami, I got body-odies in my closet, yeah / Origami made from all that ramen in my pocket, yeah.”

You can find all my past finds in the playlist below:

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