Freddie’s Finds, Volume 9: Best New Music of the Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the ninth volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I will spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes Omar Apollo, beabadoobee, Carter Vail, and Baird.

“Tamagotchi” by Omar Apollo

Have I made it clear before how much I love Omar Apollo? If not, then I want to make that very clear here. His fifth single off his upcoming album Ivory is an absolute stunner, a combination of Spanish rapping and amazing vocals. A surprising yet incredible collaboration with The Neptunes adds some of their signature flair, kicked off with the four beat taps. It’s a new style in more ways than just the production – the despair that we’re accustomed to in Omar’s tracks is traded for a more braggadocious approach. He flips between describing intimate moments and flexing on someone he longs for, singing, “Bitch this Tamagotchi / Tour bus through Milwaukee / Bitch I’m making bread / Sound like Pavarotti.” Ivory is just two weeks away and I cannot wait.

“Talk” by beabadoobee

beabadoobee made a statement on her first single off her upcoming album, Beatopia. Her delicate vocals pair perfectly with the rock influenced instrumental on “Talk,” creating what is undoubtedly one of my favorite tracks of her’s. “I wrote ‘Talk’ just after my first album,” she said on the track. “I was obsessed with Tuesday because I thought it was the best night to go out, not too much chaos but just enough to have a good time.” She embodies the unusuality of going out on Tuesday, comparing the connection between her and her partner to that of gum on shoes. However, as the track progresses, she realizes that through this person, she is indulging in things she shouldn’t be doing, singing, “You don’t exist, you’re my imagination / You don’t exist, you’re just a bad decision.” The accompanying music video takes on a style similar to The Internet’s “Palace/Curse,” picturing beabadoobee and her band performing for a lively crowd in a completely white room.

“Lianne” by Baird

Step into the world of Baird on his newest album, BIRDSONGS, Vol. 3. The rising star has been making a name for himself for quite some time now, having thrusted his name further into the spotlight through his work on BROCKHAMPTON’s final album, followed up with three successful singles. The entirely self produced album displays terrific growth from the first two editions of BIRDSONGS, becoming much more sonically complex as the production is completely next level.

The standout track for me is “Lianne,” and while it contains just the same four lines repeated three times, it is a listen like no other. If you are looking for a song to lay in bed while staring at the ceiling at three in the morning then look no further. Between Baird singing, “Oh my, please don’t make me cry” and the near minute long guitar solo, you could very well end up crying. It’s a beautiful song from an incredible project, and I strongly suggest you listen.

“Nancy Again” by Carter Vail

Beyond captivating his audience with short sketches on TikTok (his “I LIKE THIS THING MAYBE YOU WILL TOO” skit has become my personal favorite, while his comedic songs such as this one about computer error messages always brings a little chuckle), Carter Vail is also creating really good music. His new single, “Nancy Again,” is an alluring love song, encapsulates his dreamy indie rock style. His voice takes hold on the verses, while a loud, rock influenced hook is an affirmation of Vail’s love despite everything he is going through, singing, “I get so lost / You found me out / I’ll never let you down.” This is just the beginning of something bigger – keep an eye out for an EP coming later this year.

You can find all of my past finds in the playlist below:

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