Genre-less MC, lelz, Releases His Lively Debut 'SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO' [Album Review]

Ian Tsang

With the music scene picking up in Hawaii, lelz is the latest in a long line of talent coming out of Honolulu. The up-and-coming artist releases his debut album, SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO, which perfectly highlights his skill behind the mic. Taking a “genre-less” approach, lelz stays true to his roots: infusing tropical rhythm with modern hip-hop for a sensational flow that transcends the traditional confines of genre.

lelz’s flow shines through in his track, “Jungle Feels,” which sees him entering a singer, transitioning to rapper, and ultimately leaving an all-around musician. There’s a sense of vibrancy within his tone which projects an invigorating feeling towards his listeners. Specifically, his track “Fast” – featuring fellow Hawaii-born artist, Franskiiz – sees the two trade off as they work to highlight each other’s flows.

“Baby, why you move fast? Like that?”

lelz’s “Fast” lives up to its name: promoting those lively vibes which can only be attributed to Hawaii’s version of Reggaeton – albeit, the two put their own unique spin on the genre. All-in-all, SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO is a must listen for existing fans and music connoisseurs alike. lelz has the potential to become Hawaii’s next successful artist, and his debut album only proves that.

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