Get “Healed” with George Alice’s Empowering Latest Single

Sophia Clemente

It’s not incredibly common that a song makes me drop absolutely everything within the first eight-count. A virtually immediate reaction upon pressing play on “Healed” by rising superstar George Alice, I felt an inexplicable, visceral need to block even the tiniest distractions completely out. 

Alice’s angelic vocals come in right before a painfully memorable DNB/jungle-esque beat, courtesy of exceptionally prolific producer Chrome Sparks. The mind-bending production continues throughout the track, and melds beautifully with the confident, grounding lyrics. 

A bold, empowering anthem tackling the time-period following a heartbreak, Alice shares a fresh, self-assured attitude that serves as an inspiring reminder to anyone listening that there is, in fact, a light at the end of the tunnel. At only 20, the Australian-born artist has already been active in her artist project for years, and the release of “Healed” marks a high-powered growth in her artistry, and is setting Alice up for what I believe to be a transformative and door-opening time for her. I have no doubt that Alice will continue to impress as the year progresses and the hour has come for the entire world to know and love the voice of George Alice.

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