Benson Price Jones Shares New Single “Losing My Grip”

Sundhya Alter

In music, there is sonic beauty that comes out of a search for rescue, solitude or even personal redemption. It sounds easy to draw creativity from such palpable emotions, but to produce a song that reverberates through lyrical universalism is a whole other thing. In his most recent song, “Losing My Grip,” Benson Price Jones finds refuge in the liminal space of a heartbreak ballad, writing about the loss of one's self as a symptom of the absence of someone else. The song flourishes because of its relativity to existential moments experienced in the space left by a previous lover. 

The track rests on a progressive crescendo that builds through revelations of uncertainty, while Jones remains stuck in the grayness of unrequited love, he’s an optimist for reconciliation singing “keep tryna tell myself that I don’t miss you…darling I still think we could fix the issues, it’s no use living if I can’t live with you.” As the song endures, his mere stake in the relationship becomes the key to his emotional downfall and his destitute state is apparent even in his most hopeful lines, “If I dropped my pride, if I dropped my ego, would that make you take me back?”. Through tumbling harmonies and flirty versus, the climax of the song is where he returns to the chorus and realizes that he is battling an isolation that feels more existential than rooted in romantic redemption. Yet even though a stream of relative consciousness, its blurred by a recording of him breaking down in the studio revelling in the thought of one last touch, in our darkest moments we reach for others to feel loved only to learn that its ourselves that can keep us from loosing our grip. 

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