Benny Mayne is Owning 2021 with Follow Up Single "Ms. Malibu"

Joe DelloStritto

After dropping one of our favorite tracks of February, “Hardest,” Benny Mayne is taking no time off. In fact, Benny Mayne is quickly leveling up with today’s release of “Ms. Malibu” (my personal favorite). Over a hard-hitting trap beat, Benny puts his versatility on full display. Maintaining his hip-hop swagger with the energy of a pop hit, Benny sings about having an affinity for girls who are, as Migos would say, “bad and boujee.” In the hook, Benny sings,

"I like all my bitches with some booty and some attitude,
Ones who spend they money at the Nobu out in Malibu,
All up on the gram just steady flexing with some Gucci shoes."

We all knew Benny could craft melodies that get stuck in your head, but he impressed me on another front with this track. Absolutely commanding the beat, the LA-based artist seamlessly switches between quick and articulate, to wavy and melodic, and back.  Benny is a musical Swiss army knife, with a discography providing something for everyone. Each of his songs better than the next, so we have a hunch that Benny is gearing up for a life-changing 2021. If you don’t know the name yet, you will soon. Get ready to press the repeat button when you give “Ms. Malibu” a listen.

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