Henry Morris Releases Debut Track Under New Project, "He Could Never Love You"

Ben Wego

Henry Morris, formerly known as Playyard, a 23 year old indie singer/songwriter and producer hailing from Los Angeles, California has just released his newest single, a romantic slow burn titled “He Could Never Love You.” His moody and velvety vocals enveloped in soft electric guitars are reminiscent of Orville Peck and Cigarettes After Sex. 

Morris’ intimate and imaginative single envisions a seventies rock backdrop from the perspective of a man who will say anything to get what he wants, and in doing so loses all the joy in that achievement. He blends unmatched soothing vocals with hypnotizing lyricism. “He could never love you but baby I, Baby I can / Would you let me hold you with blood on my / blood on my hands” – Morris paints a picture of a brooding mysterious lover enticed with the satisfaction of his own greed for love yet conflicted by his own inner conscience.   

“He Could Never Love You” is a slow jam embedded in bluesy bedroom energy perfect for a rainy day or visualizing a love drunk intimacy, a track indie fans will surely be obsessing over.

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