grouptherapy. Begin New Era with a “FUNKFEST”

Kieran Kohorst
Jumelles Studio

Everyone’s favorite off-color group is back: grouptherapy. turns a new leaf artistically on new single “FUNKFEST”, an adrenaline-fueled track with an equally rambunctious video to pair. With praise comes liberation, a freedom the group is capitalizing on in the music to come. They’ve done the work necessary to create authentically, and they’re reaping the rewards. Frenetic as much as it is composed, “FUNKFEST” is a showcase for all three talents that formulate grouptherapy. Held together by the nucleus of Jadagrace’s chorus, she is flanked by verses full of quotables: “Bands been the plan, speaking billion dollar banter,” goes one line, followed up later by the rap of “she don’t like pop, she a popsicle.” Produced by TJOnline and Domino Williams, the group self-directed the music video for “FUNKFEST” with the same calculated chaos found in the song. From the intense zooms to the scattered collage of videos coexisting to populate the screen, grouptherapy.’s DNA is all over each scene. As a guitar commands the space and the group takes a breather, we get some candid commentary: “I hope nobody thinks that we suck because if they do, that sucks for them. I’m not gonna be everybody’s favorite, and at the end of the day…I think I’m ok with it,” the voice tells us conspicuously. In considering the group’s sentiments toward “FUNKFEST,” this mentality expressed about halfway through the track is one that will be commonplace within the music to come. “This song is the beginning of a new, more liberated era for us,” the group shares. “One where we aren’t held back by any inhibitions or outside interference. The process of learning not to compromise. Be yourself and let them hate you.” 

On May 2nd in New York City at Baby’s All Right, grouptherapy. will perform a headlining show just after opening for Wesley Joseph in Los Angeles on April 28th. As they prepare to share a new chapter of their music with fans, the group is sure to entertain at whichever venue you can find them. To close the “FUNKFEST” music video, grouptherapy. displayed some of the costs of their self-directed visual. In total, the damage was only $358. Ticket prices to see grouptherapy. in concert likely won’t set you back near that much. But to check out one of the most dynamic music group’s of today? Totally free, and a satisfyingly priceless experience.

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