Allen Haley Returns with New Single “Come On Back”

Noah Schwartz

It has been quite some time since we’ve heard from Allen Haley, but we’re thrilled to finally have some new music out. Allen’s last single “TAKEN BACK,” which was actually his debut track, took the industry by storm back in February of 2022. After the release, he ended up featuring on Arden Jones’ song “serotonin highs,” and at that point had a ton of momentum. But then… It got quiet and it seemed as if Allen was plotting out his direction and where he wants to ultimately take things with his project. “TAKEN BACK” and his feature on “serotonin highs,” was a proof of concept as he showed what he’s truly capable of. A lot of artists get some traction and feel pressured to follow it up immediately and almost get in the mindset of this being their only chance to break through. With Allen, it seemed as if his thought process was the opposite – he knew his potential and he took a step back to really calculate and plot his next movements.

The title of his new release “Come On Back” seems to fit perfectly with how people who were originally excited about his music in 2022 can come on back to his catalog and have a new song to enjoy. His Spotify bio says “You don’t know what’s next” – could we be getting an Allen Haley project this year? Who knows, but I’m here for it. In the meantime, go check out “Come On Back” by Allen Haley because it’s a vibe.

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