heavn Comes through with Mesmerizing Two Song Pack, “House”

Ian Hansen

The resurgence of post-punk lately has been one of my favorite aspects of new music this year. heavn’s first track, “Where I Met U” on his two song pack titled “House” is just that, and it has been on repeat since it dropped.

The track kicks off right away with this enigmatic guitar melody and groovy drum breaks that allow heavn to float effortlessly over the beat. He has one of the most unique and spacious vocals at the moment, and that alone gives him longevity. There are hints of ear-candy with topline synths that compliment his sound perfectly.

The next track, “Rest Assured” is a slower acoustic vibe with trembling bass lines and tranquil harmonizing throughout. The live drums add a different element that I am not used to hearing in music today. These two songs encapsulate what makes heavn special. His music is sincere and the process of his craft is clearly very important. I think he is on the verge something special with his career, and I can’t wait to hear what he comes out with for the rest of the year.

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