Hurri Haran Makes A Bid For Song of the Summer With “Beyonce”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: javiitakesphotos

The absence of a clear-cut song of the summer at this point in the season is a bit puzzling. Brooklyn-born artist Hurri Haran might be the missing piece - his new single “Beyonce" has all the ingredients for a summer smash and the credentials to prove it. It doesn’t take long for the song to captivate you: from the afropop influence to Haran’s immaculate cadence, it’s hard to take “Beyonce” off repeat. Already taking over the streets and radio stations in his native NY, Haran has momentum where it matters, along with universal appeal. It's hard to turn down a charismatic personality, which just so happens to be one of Haran’s most premier qualities. 

As if the song didn’t have enough appeal alone, a music video for “Beyonce” reinforces the track’s energy in a simple but effective shoot. Appropriately recorded in the street, the infectious vibes of the track star in the video. Haran’s Trinidadian roots show up organically in the music and explicitly as it is waved in the background of the video. He looks comfortable among the joyful chaos surrounding him, always in control and focused on the music. “Beyonce” packages the sounds of a NYC summer and makes it accessible for those across the country, a worthy summer anthem from a voice that will almost certainly outlast the season. 

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