Illusion Hills Continue to Blow past Expectations with Single "weirdo"

Freddie Fine

“Come Outside When The Lights Dim We Are Playing After Dark”

This slogan is currently the centerpiece of up and coming group Illusion Hills. You will see it hashtagged on their Instagram posts, mentioned in their bios, and now partially on the album cover of new single “weirdo.” It’s impossible to put a label on what the group is capable of achieving – each release brings something new and unexpected.

From the get-go, “weirdo” is no exception to this. The braggadocious style is a direct attack on the haters, a theme that is apparent throughout the track. It begins with an intro from the perspective of the hater, saying they are just an indie group full of SoundCloud rappers, trying to make a name for themselves in a crowded area. The response is vibrant and rambunctious, channeling an energy akin to AG Club. The production by Loui Vladimir emphasizes this, with a popping beat toned by heavy bass. “Why you such a weirdo” is sure to be ringing throughout your head all day once you put the song on.

Members dasss mj and SAI 2001 take the lead on the track, trading off bars on the chorus and delivering a knockout one-two punch on the verse – literally. If that wasn’t enough, jayastro provides a switch up on the bridge, as his soft voice stands out in the middle of a high energy track in a manner similar to Joba on “DON’T SHOOT UP THE PARTY” by BROCKHAMPTON. Last but not least, Kyle Mesina delivers a stunning outro, topping off an immaculate song in magical fashion.

The accompanying music video accents the uniqueness of the group. It’s codirected by members padawong, Brandon Kim, and dasss mj, while padawong brings an editing style to the video that will blow your mind.

Illusion Hills is most certainly making a name for themselves no matter how crowded the scene is – there are no boundaries for what they will be able to accomplish. You will definitely want to listen to the track and watch the video below:

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