Saba Has a Message for the Fans on Newest Single, “Stop That”

Freddie Fine

Expectations for Saba’s upcoming album Few Good Things, which will release on February 4th, 2022, were flying high following the release of “Fearmonger” two weeks ago. It was eclectic and experimental from Saba, who is most known for his otherworldly storytelling over mellow instrumentals. Although the grooviness of the beat may not have carried over to his newest release “Stop That,” the energy is transfigured into a bouncy, direct flow.

The single is masterfully produced, with a combination of the production by Saba himself, and frequent collaborators Daoud and daedaePivot. The instrumental begins with the repetition of a rhythm which reappears in many forms throughout the song – through different pitches – reflecting the energy in Saba’s delivery. The intro seamlessly transitions into a bass laden, drum riddled beat that sets the tone for what’s to come.

Saba’s flow and lyricism are so unfair you’d think Tim Donaghy’s officiating. He delivers bar after bar, exploring the pressure he feels from the outside world to release music, rapping, “If we gotta gamble I bet on myself  / All that other shit dangerous I just made a way for myself / From out west and my grandmomma basement / So I think you hoe n-words should / Bow in the presence of greatness.” Time has truly paid off for Saba – from his tough beginnings to breaking on the scene on Chance The Rapper’s 2013 mixtape Acid Rap, Saba waited until perfection when he released his first solo album Bucket List Project three years later. It will also have been almost four years since his critically acclaimed, earth shattering album Care For Me came out by the time Few Good Things will be released, despite constant demands from fans for new music.

Saba has worked his way to the top time and time again, so he knows better than anyone else to stay rooted in your own self worth. In a press release, Saba shared, “I feel like more often than not, we let our own judgement of ourselves knock our confidence off before anyone else even offers any feedback. Our own insecurities ring really loudly in our heads, to the point where we make ourselves smaller before giving anyone else the chance to. This is something that I feel like I found myself beginning to do over the years. Hiding from the uncomfortable moment. And this song works as my noticing and correcting that.”

If recent releases are Saba testifying, then he certainly has touched the sky by now - Lupe may have been on third but Saba has rounded the bases twice. Check out new single and accompanying visuals below, along with his tickets for the upcoming “Back Home, a Tour by Saba” in 2022 here.

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