redveil Continues to Leave Listeners Starstruck with Single, “04”

Freddie Fine

There is nothing concealed about 17 year old phenom redveil’s music. He is less than three weeks older than me and already has four songs over one million Spotify streams. His show stopping album, Niagara, came out in August of 2020, when he was just 16 years old, and since then has only grown as an artist. 

In a Q&A on his Discord server, redveil addressed how he has developed his unique sound, discussing how tried to break every rule he was taught about production. Most of his work is self produced, allowing his jazz influence to shine while also utilizing various samples in a refreshing way – nobody else is doing quite what he does. redveil also talked about his dream collaborators, which not only showed massive signs of maturity but are an example of his dedication to sticking with what he’s created. He knows what he’s capable of, saying “I can rap and play hard hitting drums, but there’s stuff I can’t do musically like playing instruments.”  He went on to say he’d most want to work with someone like Kali Uchis or Robert Glasper - two people that can enhance tracks in other aspects than what redveil brings to the table. 

redveil’s newest track, “04,” comes at the end of the “F*ck Your Expectations Tour” with AG Club, Payday, ICECOLDBISHOP, and Sam Truth, while also performing at festivals such as Day N Vegas. “04” is the epitome of redveil’s music. Co-produced by him and quickly, quickly, it begins with a sample becomes the staple of the beat and a unique guitar riff unlike anything used in his music before. As always, his lyricism displays his incredible vocabulary – the second verse on the track is one of my favorites I’ve heard all year. Perfectly timed with beat cuts, redveil brings an unexpected energy as the song is taken to new heights. The outro of the song expands on his jazz influence with a guitar solo, which will hopefully be a seamless transition into the next track on a future album.

"05" also comes with a music video, directed by Tyler Shuler. Check the song and accompanied visuals out below:

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