ILUVMARKAS Makes a Plea for Human Connection with “I Got A Reason”

Olive Soki

ILUVMARKAS has been pretty active this year. The Hamilton Ontario-based vocalist and rapper has released three songs so far, the latest being “Flockin!.” Once again adding to his fast-growing discography, he’s graced his fans with another magnetizing and relatable track titled “I Got A Reason.”

If you’ve ever fallen into the pits of parasocial relationships, "I Got A Reason” will definitely resonate with you in some way. Completely smitten and eager, ILUVMARKAS expresses his desire to get to know a potential love interest outside of online confinements – something we can all relate to, one way or another. And, as he ponders whether she’ll give him the time of day, he simultaneously manages to deliver one of his most emotion-ridden vocal performances to date. Sonically, the track maintains a satisfying balance. Varying between bass-heavy choruses and subdued interludes, the production perfectly complements his vocals, making it an exciting first-listen.

Having sparked quite a bit of buzz in the underground scene in recent years, it is only a matter of time until ILUVMARKAS finds his way into your recent playlists. So, in the name of vigilance, and parasocial-ennuies, you should definitely check out “I Got A Reason,” as well as his previous singles. Listen to the new single below:

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