First Imagine Dragons Show in Minneapolis since 2017 [Concert Revamp]


The Las Vegas rock band, Imagine Dragons shut the house down Feb. 27th at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2017 was the last time fans got to see Imagine Dragons in Minnesota, and it sure was a warm welcome back. With 14,000 in attendance, it was apparent Minnesota was ready to see this group back in action.

Fans instantly stood to their feet and watched in awe as the light dimmed and a sci-fi themed video drew attention and kicked off the show. The feel-good concert began with the well-built singer Dan Reynolds on a small island like center stage singing “My Life” while the piano brought us into the built-up excitement. With two bright orange spotlights shining bright onto Dan, we heard the beautifully spoken lyrics belted loud. Not long into the song, the curtain raised and exposed the rest of the band while an evoking lighting show spectacle draws the crowd’s attention. Confetti fills the air and establishes the mood that will last the entirety of the show – all 2 hours and 15 minutes of it.

Imagine Dragons Playing Concert
Photo by Garrett Super

There was no shortage of energy that filled the Target Center on Sunday with constant movement, jumping, and running around the uniquely trio of ramps meeting in the middle of the floor. This all-aged show really brought to light the type of fanbase that the Imagine Dragons still has – intense and passionate. The easy to learn hooks and catchy rock beats that fuel their music make it easy to see the youth appeal that Imagine Dragons brings. The stands were packed full of families, kids, adults, and everybody in-between. Lead singer Dan Reynolds, drummer Daniel Platzman, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and keyboardist Elliot Schwartzman kept the Target Center rocking with their diverse catalog of anthems. Throughout the show the crowd was delighted to sing along to popular songs like "Thunder," "Believer," "Radioactive," "Demons," and "Enemy."

Imagine Dragons Concert Photo 03 Sheesh Media
Photo by Garrett Super

It felt as if the energy in the building was alive, and despite the pandemic, the touring industry persevered through such times. Sunday’s show proved that Grammy winning band Imagine Dragons has indeed “made it”. Throughout the show, Dan praised Minneapolis and shared his feelings about being back in Minnesota, as he likely does in any city he’s playing. Multiple times throughout the show, Dan spoke about how tough things have been with the pandemic, and recently with the Ukraine situation. He talked about the people he has lost recently, but kept our spirits high as he points out that “everything is going to be all right”. That is exactly how it felt as the band gave the crowd an experience to talk about for months to come. Everything is going to be alright, and this rock therapy session is just what we needed.

Imagine Dragons Concert Photo 03 Sheesh Media
Photo by Garrett Super
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