Isabel Pless Goes Back in Time With Her Latest Single, “Keeping Score”

Olive Soki

Songwriting has been an effective outlet for Isabel Pless since she was about 12 years old. And like any other skill, her songwriting has improved tremendously over the years, which I can only imagine has helped magnify her desires to pursue music. Pairing her vulnerable storytelling with her delicate vocals, she’s armed with the perfect combination to pull at all your heartstrings, something she’s successfully accomplished with her latest single “Keeping Score.”

Carefully putting herself back in the shoes of her eighteen year old self, Isabel recalls the complicated feelings and situations associated with this period of her life. From the duality between the ease felt when starting fresh in college and the melancholy of missing her family back home, to the lovesick aches that lead her into complicated relationships she checks off all the boxes. Pretty simple in the instrumental department, her vocal delivery and lyrics are the real showstoppers. Dynamic and emotive when appropriate, certain phrases and emotional peaks tend to stick with you past the track's  running time. Somewhere between Lizzy McAlpine's earlier sound and Samia’s debut album Baby, “Keeping Score” is a track you don’t want to miss out on.

Following up on her last single “Twenty-two,” “Keeping Score” further expands Isabel’s discography, once again revealing her bottomless reserve of talent.

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