Jake Miller Wants You to See a 'Silver Lining' in His New Album [Album Review]

Rachel Guttman

If you didn’t know who Jake Miller was before quarantine, there’s a solid chance you know of him now. The multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer captivated millions through his “Quarantunes” series, where he released a bunch of TikToks throughout quarantine portraying the situation in a positive light. If you are late to the Jake Miller train though, no worries, you can still hop on now since he just dropped his new album, Silver Lining II, last week, as the sequel to his 2018 album, Silver Lining.

Jake came into this project with a lot to live up to due to the success of his previous 2019 album, Based on a True Story. With his brave experimentation and fearless evolution musically, this album really caught my attention. After a few listens of his newest project, I can confidently say that he lived up to the hype. Silver Lining II was relatable and raw – Jake describes that it is all about “finding the light in a world full of darkness.” He adds, “we all know how crazy the world is right now, so it’s more important than ever to appreciate the great things in life rather than focusing on the negative.” The album really puts his distinctive pop trap sound on display with all of the tracks from his album, Based on a True Story, in addition to ten new songs.

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