Malary’s Vision Comes to Life in EP, 'Doheny Drive' [EP Review]

Audrey Brandes

Boston-Native Malary’s two-song EP Doheny Drive is both a homage and reconciliation with the LA street for which it’s named after. A whirlwind of money, fame, love, lust, and disillusionment, Malary isn’t holding back his convictions on this latest release. “Change” is a raw, honest depiction of life in LA masked by smooth hip hop production, as he sings, “Now I’m after all the girls and commas, I thought I’d never change.” As we are swept up in the trap beats and velvety vocals on the track, we are simultaneously swept up by Malary’s poignant story. No one is immune to the allure of the industry’s charm and the lifestyle it invites.

The hip-hop artist switches up on the next track, “Finesse,” with flirtatiously spiteful lyricism and vibey production. With a chorus that melts in your mind and leaves you envisioning a warm summer night, “Finesse” is a gorgeous and conflicted ode. It’s clear that the rapper knows himself and the sound he wants to produce, because it comes together beautifully in this EP. Malary, confident in his delivery and vision, is an artist to watch this summer.

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