Benny Mayne Serves up a Diverse Set of Summer Hits on His Hot New EP 'benny blue bandz' [EP Review]

Conner Crosby

Benny Mayne has been a favorite of Sheesh for some time now, so as one could imagine, our attention and anticipation have been on a steep incline throughout the Toronto artist’s latest streak of hot singles and music videos. This streak has culminated in his latest project, the EP benny blue bandz. The EP consists of his four most recent singles, including the stellar collaborative track with Miles Wesley, “Droptop Impala,” as well as two brand-new tracks that further showcase the growth and momentum Benny has cultivated in 2021.

The first of the two new tracks, “Braces,” perfectly portrays Benny’s combination of confident hip-hop chops and savvy melodic sensibilities. The song goes nearly as hard as some of his more fun and superficial tracks, but this time with a depth and sort of melancholic personality that sets it apart. This softer and sadder side of Benny’s songwriting is even more evident on the EP’s finale, “Where We Are.” On the hauntingly beautiful acoustic track, Benny’s vocal range and capacity for tender lyrics and melodies are on display like never before. The song draws a perfect conclusion to the EP that overall marks his most confident outing to date.

With his rapidly developing persona and impressive versatility, Benny Mayne is proving he’s not only poised to rise to the top, but that he’s got what it takes to stay there.

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