Lilyisthatyou Continues Hot Streak with New Song, “Moderation”

Lilyisthatyou is back at it with another banger called “Moderation.” The song confronts long lasting societal norms, all while being an unbelievably catchy, well-produced song. The track features an attention-grabbing warped bass on the chorus, memorable vocal melodies and empowering lyrics. 

In October, 2021, Lilyisthatyou posted a TikTok teasing “Moderation,” which unsurprisingly blew up, raking in over 110k likes. Through numerous other TikTok’s, Lilyisthatyou used the social media app to her advantage — as she has done in the past — to successfully promote the song.

To complement the drop of the song, Lilyisthatyou released an enchanting music video that shows the different sides of the Warner Records artist through contrasting personas. One side of Lilyisthatyou is shown as a ‘proper’ woman in clothing from the 1800’s, while the other is a sex-positive version of the rising artist. The video brilliantly uses these two opposing characters to make the point that everything should be in moderation.

In a post on Instagram, Lilyisthatyou explained what the song means to her.

“while this song is playful it comes from a very real place,” she said. “since I was 14 I have struggled with substance abuse, I've had years of addiction and years of sobriety. I am now in a place of moderation.”

All listeners should understand the value in this sentiment. While screaming the song at full volume is quite fun, looking into the deeper meaning of “Moderation” will provide you with insights that most music does not. With this drop, Lilyisthatyou has again shown that she is not capable of releasing bad music. 

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