Jean Dawson and SZA Helped Me Find Enlightenment On "NO SZNS"

Riley Furey
Credit: Josh Brizuela

Jean Dawson has been taking us on a monthly stroll into his seemingly lighter psyche with every new release lately. Not only has he delivered some of the best singles of the past two years with Bad Fruit* and VEXED, but he has officially enlisted one of the most prominent artists out right now to join him on the journey; SZA.

In my mind a collaboration feels like it's at its best when the artists find a way to meet in the middle of their normal sound rather than to copy one or the others, and NO SZNS executes that ideology swimmingly. Jean Dawson once again brings us on a walk to the meadow of his mind through lush and airy production, and the lyrics coming from both Dawson and SZA aren't far off from a conversation you'd have on a walk like that with your close friends.

The single starts with a deep dive into Jean's search for identity, and as the introduction carries on he becomes more free and in touch with his reality. After reaching the climax of what feels like momentary enlightenment inside the eye of a storm, SZA shares her opinion on the spiral in question and delivers her own take through unearthly melodies.

NO SZNS was easily my most anticipated song to come out this week because of how great the pair have been in their solo projects recently, and I am happy to say it did not let me down. I feel a wave of gratitude to exist in a time where collaborations like this exist, and I can't wait for what's to come next from the duo.

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