Jelly Channels Wolf Mentality on Pi’erre Bourne Produced 'Wolf of Peachtree 2' [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

Jelly has come together with his first project since last summer, Wolf of Peachtree 2. It’s full of party bangers and bouncy production from Pi’erre Bourne. The project emphasizes his dynamic flows and showcases how versatile his rapping is over hypnotic beats.

He’s unapologetic about getting money and living his lavish lifestyle and raps emphatically about those topics throughout the project. The first track, “Motion” is the proper way to introduce us to what the duo have in store. It’s right up the lane of the virtual-ambient production we’d expect from Pi’erre. The next track features the legendary Juicy J with hard hitting keys and an animated chorus that repeats itself throughout.

One of Jelly’s most impressive tracks, “Twin,” is something straight out of an anti-hero movie with dark melodies, hard-hitting 808s, and more demented flows from the South Carolina native. “WYA” is a slower track where Jelly showcases a more versatile and atmospheric side. Other tracks like “Dead Presidents” and the outro, “Member,” continues to highlight Jelly’s ability to fit right into the pocket of Pi’erre Bourne’s notorious production style and create a project that will be on repeat all year long.

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