KAIRO’s Lush Melodies Take the Limelight in Debut EP, 'Love Letters From Houston' [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

Nigerian born Pop/R&B duo, KAIRO, are not just a duo. They are identical twins who are making their mark in the music industry with intricate production and beautiful melodies.

The project kicks off with the lead single, “Can You Love Me Tonight?,” which introduces us to the world of their sonic capabilities with catchy harmonies and masterful songwriting. They continue with a slower ballad, “Love On TV,” which has simple, but moody production with a saxophone playing throughout. The duo goes back-and-forth with beautiful vocal layers, showcasing their undeniable chemistry.

They continue with a slower and emotional direction on, “Anymore Anyway,” and “Someone Like You,” where they continue to show off how diverse their vocal ability is. They close the project with a bang, on the energetic, “Daydreams.” This project is simplistic in nature, but it’s executed to perfection because of their raw ability to set a mood and write meaningful lyrics. I’m very excited to see this duo take off in the near future and continue to build on their already phenomenal sound.

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