Own Up to Your Drunken Mistakes with jfarr’s New Release “That’s My Bad”

Emma Neveux

We’ve all experienced those nights where that one drink turned out to be the line we shouldn't have crossed. And what is more common than drunken miscommunication the next morning?

Jonathan Pfarr aka jfarr is a Grammy nominated artist returning this year with a fresh new project launched by his first single “That’s My Bad”, an alternative / R&B track with influences from the Jersey Club sphere. Through smooth R&B inspired vocals, rich synths, and dreamy guitars, jfarr reflects back on a drunken story of a complicated romantic situation, in which all the signs were missed in the midst of a liquor and dance haze, only to later realize the importance of clear communication.

This track highlights his ability to offer a unique and fresh twist in each song released. Unexpected pairings that yet blend naturally together. The combination of the driving beats with the intimacy of his R&B vocals creates a hybrid sound that fuses together bits and pieces of genres but still feels completely jfarr. If you’re looking to get in touch with your inner-self or whether you’re feeling like getting in touch in a more intimate way, this ones for you.

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