Join Peach Tree Rascals in Their Journey to 'Camp Nowhere'

Audrey Brandes

The much awaited debut EP from Peach Tree Rascals is finally here. After amassing tons of attention with their viral single, “Mariposa,” the San Jose group is delivering that same vibrant sound on every track of their latest release. Aptly named Camp Nowhere, this EP conjures images of summer days, long road trips, heading somewhere with no pointed direction but being content with where the journey takes you. The group borrows jazz, indie, and R&B elements, metamorphosing these aspects into a fantastical, near-psychedelic musical experience.

Each track feels cohesive but offers something distinctly different. The song, “Change My Mind,” is a groovy, punchy tune that feels on par with Chance The Rapper and evokes a gospel-esque community feel. They then dial it back with the rhythmically gentle, “Doing Fine,” singing, “Summer time, I’m doing good, I’m doing fine,” transporting one to a point of serenity. Track “Oh Honey! (I Love You)” is even reminiscent of The Beatles. My personal favorite is the acoustic, “Pockets;” a beautiful and bittersweet love song with a haunting melody. Each track is simultaneously mellow and magnetic, and you’re going to want to listen to it over and over again. Wherever this “Camp Nowhere” is, I know I want to go.

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