Jon Waltz Brings Nostalgia Meets R&B in Latest "DWN4"

Lara Prakash

Memphis native Jon Waltz’s newest single “DWN4” brings a nostalgic ‘90s sound mixed with modern R&B to make an undeniably catchy song. 

Waltz’s latest plays with layered vocals and sensitive harmonies matched with subtle yet effective lyrics. The song is an ode to Waltz’s friends and loved ones who have stood by him throughout his life and career. Waltz told Sheesh that the majority of his EP was made during the height of the pandemic, when anxiety and uncertainty were more present than ever. Waltz wanted to challenge himself to make music that addressed the uncertain times while sharing a positive meaning.

“DWN4 was the first song I made with Willem Ardui and I remember immediately falling in love with the beat as soon as I heard it,” says Waltz. “I remember thinking that the drums sounded so futuristic and it reminded me of everything I love about R&B but in a more fresh way.”

The music video, directed by Nik Arthur shot completely on an iPhone, shows hypotnic and mesmerizing sequences of color and visual effects. Arthur said that the song is a dance song, so he wanted to show Waltz going out, but the night going wrong.

“We shot the whole video on nine iPhones which we choreographed like an ensemble of dancers who swarm around Jon as he has a bad night,” Arthur said to Sheesh. “Throughout the video you can see the camera operators by their iPhone flashes, creating twinkles around Jon like when a cartoon character bumps their head.”

“DWN4” is the second single off of Waltz’s upcoming EP, My Golden Horse. In January, Waltz released “Trainwreck ft. Verzache,” which shifts from a sultry guitar opening to a crash of drums before Waltz begins his laidback raps and all-consuming harmonies. The accompanying music video was also directed by Nik Arthur. Check it out below:

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