midwxst Battles the Past in New Single “i know you hate me”

Teddy Tran

midwxst’s freshly released single “i know you hate me” is an anthem of self reflection and a heart wrenching letter to a past relationship. The song, which came paired with a music video, is an incredibly emotional exhibition of the Indiana native’s talent which has been proven and proven again through his discography.

From within the first verse, midwxst sings over the guitar melody, “I don't know if I hate this shit or love it / Don't wanna keep goin' but don't wanna cut it.” He conveys his uncertainty concerning a past relationship, and the discontent is getting to him. When the chorus hits, the song transforms. “You say you love me, but I know you hate me / Don't ever wan' face me, you know what I'm facin’,” midwxst distressingly belts out, letting every listener hear the emotions that he’s been subject to. The chorus comes paired with smashing, distorted 808’s and hard hitting kicks; the incredible production is credited to elxnce, who has produced multiple songs for midwxst, as well as many other big names associated with the hyperpop scene.

Throughout midwxst’s discography, he doesn’t shy away from showing true pain, anger, and struggle. This song is a perfect example of that. Throughout every lyric, there’s substance, there’s a feeling, and there’s an emotion that you can relate to. I constantly find myself singing or screaming along to each lyric, as if every struggle were my own. His music provides the character that I feel like a lot of new music lacks, which is why I’m such a huge fan.

“i know you hate me” comes as midwxst is currently wrapping up on tour, supporting Glaive’s “Old Dog New Tricks” tour. The song also came with the announcement of his upcoming EP, better luck next time, and follows his previous single, “riddle.” Listen to “i know you hate me” below.

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