Jordan Dean Does It Again and His Latest Release “Harvard” is a Tune For All

Milly Wensley

I write about tons of artists all the time and always jump at the chance to cover a Jordan Dean track. If you’re a fan of bands like Arctic Monkeys or The Backseat Lovers and artists such as Dominic Fike and Declan McKenna then I promise this sound is for you. From Ohio, based in New York City, and heavily inspired by the London rock scene Jordan's sound pulls from many different styles. All the music is just infectious, it has serious replay value, and you can’t help but sing along instantly. The latest track to take over my playlists is "Harvard."

Released just this month "Harvard" is in typical Jordan Dean fashion, filled with fun alt-rock riffs, drums, and overall vibe. This song has such a nostalgic, coming-of-age feel to it and suits the fall season perfectly. Jordan sings about a girl with ivy-league dreams, going off to Harvard and getting preoccupied with the stereotypical types of people you’d find there. It’s a quirky little song in which Jordan seems to proclaim himself “real” compared to her idyllic Harvard counterparts. Inspired by seeing friends go off to college and completely change, it genuinely paints a picture in your head and tells a story. 

I love it when an artist's personality shines right through their music, if you listen to more of Jordan Deans's catalogue he has a very consistent sound and seems to be truly enjoying himself on every tune. While often taking inspiration from experience and surroundings I admire when an artist can use these things to give us a story that matches the overall themes while creating characters and setting a scene. This is exactly what Jordan’s done with "Harvard" as he sings of "Jenny" going off to school. 

If you can’t tell by now I genuinely can’t recommend Jordan’s music enough, a few of my personal favourites are “Drunk," “Walk Me Home”, and “Feeling Strange” if you’d like to listen beyond “Harvard”. His sound is so likeable that I’d say regardless of your typical taste “Harvard” especially is a tune for all. Be sure to keep paying attention to Jordan Dean, look out for more music and start finding your personal favourite tracks! 

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