Juice Shares New Single, “Superimposed,” as First Glimpse into Future EP, 'Boy Story'

Rachel Guttman

Brooklyn-based group, Juice, spent the majority of quarantine writing and producing the tracks that make up their upcoming album, Boy Story. Today, they have shown us a glimpse into this anticipated project with the release of their new song, “Superimposed” along with its music video. This drop follows the release of three other singles that were put out earlier this year: all three put the group’s unique fusion of pop, hip-hop, funk, and alt-rock on display.

“Superimposed” is energetic and upbeat on the surface, but on a deeper level, the song's lyrics are extremely profound. The piece depicts a narrative in which “one’s reality is superimposed onto another person” which “lends a darker complexity to the song.” Juice explains that, “under the spectre of 2020’s isolation and general unpleasantness, the creation of "Superimpose" provided an escape into a bright, colorful, and interesting sonic world.” The track utilizes various musical elements in order to explore themes of self-doubt, anxiety, challenges, and self-growth. Check out Juice’s “Superimposed” song and music video below:

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