Julian Rose and Caroline Romano Collaborate on New Single “Fighting a War”

Sundhya Alter

In love and war, the rules for fair play are often unclear, the weight of what's at stake diminishing the limits to what is said and done. In the aftermath, the comparison between love and war brings solace to the grieving one is forced to confront, accepting that fate doesn’t always end up in our favor no matter how hard one might fight against it. Julian Rose and Caroline Romano take this feeling and explore it in their new release “Fighting a War” a song that plays with the push and pull between two people just trying to make it out alive.

The two artists take opposite positions to recall their own version of the tale, yet their equally powerful vocals on the track make it hard to discern a true victim. Rose's naturally coarse tone is fitting for the embittered hook of the song which he introduces. Speaking of the distance between the two, the LA-based artist loosely fights for a point of contact but remains stuck in the steady loop of the bass in which he makes no progress forward. While Rose’s role personifies the scorn of a rock record, the two refuse to get on the same page as Romano sits comfortably within the smooth melody of the pop beat floating along on her deeply soulful vocals. Between alternating verses, there's a moment when both turn to reminisce about the good, but only for a second before it's quiet, and there's nothing left to be said.

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