Kevitch Is Quietly Romantic on New Single “Secrets”

Kieran Kohorst

Intimacy comes in many forms, but trust is non-negotiable in any kind of meaningful relationship. Keeping a secret is perhaps the most intimate two people can get, and few understand that quite like Kevitch. The LA-based singer/songwriter values privacy more than most, as she has kept details about her artistry close to her vest. It’s only appropriate that her first single in over a year is an ode to confidentiality.

“Secrets” is as atmospheric as it is delicate, with Kevitch repeating a deeply intimate but simple request: “Can you keep a secret? / Tell me that you mean it.” The song is a form of hushed luxury, a richly imaginative instrumental that pairs well with the subtlety of Kevitch’s voice. “With ‘Secrets’, the song is about meeting someone out of the blue, staying up all night talking, and sharing secrets into the morning,” she shares of the track’s inspiration. “It’s like, ‘who would have seen it coming?’ It’s a feeling you’ve never felt with someone before. And I wanted to put people in that scene, let them feel how it feels to have that experience.”

Though she’s practiced secrecy for years, eyes and ears have gravitated towards Kevitch. With over 137k Instagram followers and more than 26 million streams across her past two releases, her audience has not faulted in their long wait for new music. The Philly-bred singer is gearing up to release her debut project this summer, with “Secrets'' kick-starting the momentum for what is to come. It seems as if patience will be rewarded, as long as the trust Kevitch shares in “Secrets” is reciprocated.

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