RAYE Takes Ownership of Career with First Single in Over a Year, “Hard Out Here”

Ian Hansen

RAYE, a multi-platinum UK singer and songwriter, cut ties with her former label and was finally able to release her first solo work in over a year with the hard-hitting, “Hard Out Here.”

Her voice is potent, the lyrics send a message, and the production is anthemic. Everything about this track is grand, as she takes aim at her old label, the music industry, and toxic masculinity. The track's vocal layers and RAYE’s ad-libs add another creative element that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Baby, I bounce back” are lyrics that ring throughout the song and set the statement that she will take the music world by storm with her own music. RAYE’s effortless vocal abilities intrigue me for what is to come, and I can’t wait to hear more of her outstanding vocals.

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