morgen Delivers Her Cheeky Manifesto “Mom Jeans”

Olive Soki

Sometimes we all need that extra boost of confidence to make us feel like we can conquer the world. While an inspirational quote or self-help book could do the trick, morgen seems to have something better to offer. Following up on last year's single, “Fine By Me,” morgen is back and here to spread her infectious brightness with her new single, “Mom Jeans.”

Instantly catchy and relatable, “Mom Jeans” is an individualistic anthem that speaks to the heart. Leaving behind external expectations and committing to wearing and doing everything she wants, morgen takes it upon herself to embrace her personal attire in order to feel like her true self. Sonically lighthearted with a perfect balance of patchy verses and ethereal choruses, the young singer perfectly encapsulates her mantra through every heartfelt line and cheeky one-liner. Speaking on the track and her feelings surrounding its release, she shares, "I’m super excited to be releasing “Mom Jeans.” It's truly the first song where I'm saying absolutely everything straight from my brain, no filter.”

Finally, giving her fans the highly anticipated single, and once again delivering a compelling tune in, it is only a matter of time before morgen takes over the world –sporting mom jeans and everything.

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