Julien Chang Shares Wistful Single, “Marmalade”

Olive Soki

Julien Chang’s career started off on a good note. In 2019 he released his outstanding debut album titled Jules, an experimental 10-track project containing an array of musical influences. Completely self-produced, Jules left much to the imagination as to what the young musician could offer down the line. An album, and a double sided cover single later, we’re finally faced with the beginning of a new era. And to officiate this new chapter, he released a new single, "Marmalade;" a continuation of his sound, and a preview of what’s to come.

Distant and lush, “Marmalade” is reminiscent of some tracks off of Julien’s debut, but with a new emotive twist. Drowned in hazy vocals and trailing shoegaze-style reverb, he swiftly works his way between nostalgia and bliss. Perfectly conveying the bitter nature of nostalgia, later on incorporating sweetness through wanderlust and distant vocals, he browses through times of passion and emotional tribulation. Mournful undertones washed away, “Marmalade” ends on a blissful note, a subtle reminder of the fiction that goes into nostalgia as he sings the final refrain, (“I remember falling in love”).

If you’re already a fan of Julien’s, you know that this release is only the beginning of something new and extremely exciting. And if you’re new to his music, I guarantee this single will get you hooked on time for his sophomore album The Sale, due November 4th.

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