MOIO's "Moments" Is Redefining Indie Rock

Vincent Merry

Dublin-native MOIO returns with his third single, "Moments." After catching a glimpse of the chorus teased on TikTok, I had to share this unique soundscape with as many ears as possible.

"Moments" proves challenging to categorize. The electric guitars that kick off the track echo the vibe of 2000s indie pop-rock outfits (a la Coldplay, The Killers, etc.), while also drawing parallels to early Kid Cudi (think "Mr. Rager") and the recent Teezo Touchdown album. The straightforward drum pattern allows listeners to hone in on MOIO’s lyrics. He sings about cherishing moments before they slip away, "Hold on to this moment 'cause it won't last forever," adding an extra layer of depth to this laid-back indie track. MOIO’s vocal tone and delivery are uniquely captivating, blending elements of Daniel Caesar, Don Toliver, and Steve Lacy. This style feels simultaneously fresh and familiar.

As "Moments" unfolds, its outro features MOIO crooning with full vulnerability, accompanied by double-layered vocals that evoke even more emotion. Acoustic guitars, beautiful synths, and textured production enhance the ethereal and phenomenal nature of the song.

I eagerly anticipate more from MOIO. When can we expect the album?!

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