Kiddo Dust Comes Together with Enchanting Single, “for worse or for better”

Ian Hansen

Kiddo Dust just released his lead single, “for worse or for better,” for his upcoming EP, Sooner or Later, and if it’s any indicator for what the project will sound like, we have ourselves a future star.

The songwriting is compassionate and explores topics of broken love and moving on. He pours his soul out on this track, as he tries to control his anxieties. The hook is also one of my favorite’s this year. I love how infectious his melodies are and the extra details he adds with that deeper chopped up section to conclude the chorus.

The auto tune in his vocals isn’t overbearing and adds the perfect touch of detail layering to an already fantastic vocal performance. Again, if this is any indicator of what his EP will sound like, I’m sure we will be in for a great ride once it drops.

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