LAKE! Makes an Impressive Debut with “Dead Roses”

Rachael Jansky

In his debut single “Dead Roses,” LAKE! is already establishing himself as an artist worth keeping an eye on. The track gives just a glimpse into his undeniable talent and promising future. The 17-year-old singer, rapper, songwriter, producer and engineer says of his music,

“The best songs are the ones that come to you right away and move people. I try to tell a story and it drives me to keep making the music I love and that the fans will love.”

“Dead Roses” lives somewhere between the hip-hop, alternative, and pop sonic universes. The track’s punchy 808 and infectious melody are coupled with refreshingly honest lyrics. LAKE!’s unabashed vulnerability and connection with his own emotions gives listeners an immediate point of connection, speaking to the power of good music. Listen to “Dead Roses” below:

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