SoFaygo Has an Unconventional Vision for Atlanta on After Me

Tyler Borland

The Atlanta based artist has been prolifically dropping music throughout the year. After Me is SoFaygo’s third album of 2020 and his most concise project to date. The album is made up of 8 tracks with no filler and all tracks consistently feature SoFaygo’s experimental vocal delivery.

The title track “Off The Map” is simplistic which gives SoFaygo room to control the song with his wild vocal inflections. The following track and my personal favorite, “Chrome,” is fast-paced, high energy and shows SoFaygo’s technical rapping ability. The song “Everyday” is another song that flexes versatility as SoFaygo dips into higher registers throughout the song. The song also shows SoFaygo’s ability to sing and harmonize as the track is slightly slower paced than the front half of the project. Overall, After Me is inventive, experimental, and a strong showcase of the Atlanta artist’s huge potential. Check out SoFaygo’s newest album as well as the rest of his discography below.

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